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Finnamic Andros sandals act like personal trainers for your feet. Gentle on joints, knees, disks, and spine, they help you tone and strengthen muscles by encouraging comfortable walking over longer periods of time. Step by step the convex sole design helps increase your strength and stamina. Experts agree that regular exercise is associated with physical and mental well-being.

In addition, cardiovascular exercise such as brisk walking can help condition and strengthen your heart. Finnamic by Finn Comfort just makes it easier!

A few notable features:

  • Extra stable rocker soles. The mild rocking effect reduces stress on your feet. An excellent choice if you walk or stand for long periods.
  • Softly cushioned orthopedic footbeds are therapeutic and gentle on your feet. Anatomically contour molded and ergonomically designed to reflect the natural shape of a healthy foot. Can be removed to accommodate your own orthotics.
  • Wide and flat mid-section for stability. Unlike other rocker brands, Finnamic ensures balanced and relaxed standing. Less risk of injury than with unstable rockers.
  • Rockered forefoot and heel encourages a smooth and natural heel-to-toe rolling motion.

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