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Fan Mail

I just purchased a pair of Lexingtons and want to tell you that I will never buy a different brand of shoes again. I suffer from multiple foot problems and have spent thousands of dollars on shoes and orthotics that have never worked.

I am a nurse working 12 hour shifts and am on my feet all day. Before purchasing these shoes, I thought that I might have to rethink my career. I no longer have the swelling issues and my feet are not aching 2 hours into my shift. Thank you for making my feet happy again. Words cannot describe how different a quality, well designed, pair of shoes make.

- Lynne

I just want to convey how happy I am with Finn Comfort shoes. When I first put them on, they were such comfortable shoes.

I needed good arch support and very light weight shoes. Finn Comfort provided that perfectly. Very superior to and above all other brands. I am so pleased with Finn Comfort and want to thank you for the wonderful problem solving shoes.

- Sincerely, Pam

Just a note to tell you how much I love your shoes! I was in a traffic accident that left me with serious knee and ankle injuries. Since then, I have not been able to find a pair of shoes that gave me much in the way of comfort. What amazing shoes these are. Stylish AND comfortable! I hate to take them off. This is my first experience with Finn shoes, but I can assure you, it won't be my last.

- Dianne; Halifax

I just purchased your Samara sandal and its arch support is absolutely unbelievable. I have a very high arch and suffer from plantar fasciitis, so shoes with excellent arch support are a must for me.

- Sue; Scottsdale

This will be my 3rd pair of Finn Comfort and they absolutely are the best thing I've ever bought for my chronically aching feet.

I have plantar fasciitis and these sandals helped a lot.

Finn Comfort are the only shoes I wear, except when I run! I have 10 different styles, and duplicate pairs of the Tolz, Baden, and Vaasa. They truly are the greatest shoes on earth!!!

- Scott

I am a diabetic who was diagnosed with Charcot foot. As you can imagine, it's hard to find shoes that address my needs. I just purchased my first pair of Finn Comfort shoes and they are amazing. They suit my medical needs and they are very attractive. I've already ordered a second pair of shoes.

- Pesia Los Gatos

I have been wearing Finn Comfort shoes for many years - I had plantar fasciitis and was instructed by my doctor to wear tennis shoes with inserts. I discovered Finn Comfort about 2 years into my problem....what a great day that was! I bought my first pair about 8 years ago (I still wear them!). I now have about 15-20 pair. I actually have several of the same style and color! I have told many, many people about Finn Comfort and many of the folks I work with now wear them as well! I even told a local shoe store about them and they now carry them!! I just discovered the new ones with the rhinestones on the buckle - they will be my next purchase! I write this just to say: "Thank You" for making a product that actually really did change my life!!

- Edwena; Jamestown

I have a beautiful pair that exceeds anything I have ever seen in comfort and cuteness. The pair must be 20 years old (my mom's), purchased in Germany most likely. Thanks for being the best hiking boot!

- Annika

I just ordered a pair of the Finn Comfort Cusco athletic shoes and I feel like it's a million times Christmas waiting for the package to arrive! Several years ago I broke my right foot, a strange Jones fracture on the weight bearing place in the fifth metatarsal. My feet have not been the same, since....that is, since the salesman convinced me I should try Finn Comfort. I bought a pair of sandals and have lived in them...then bought the Mary Jane style and live in those as well. These shoes did just what he said they'd do; change the alignment of my gate and that the shoes would insist that I walk correctly, not leaning on that fifth metatarsal as I've done all my life. Now, I'm thrilled to find that there is an athletic shoe as I'm on the road to losing weight and am engaging in more exercise. I find that when I wear Finn Comfort shoes, there is less to no pain! Thanks to your shoes, in conjunction with my weight loss and exercise, I'm on the way towards the healthy body that I so desire and deserve. Thank you endlessly!

- Mary; Batesville

I wanted to let you know how terrific your shoes are, I bought two pairs over the holidays and just love them!

- Marc; Scottsdale

Recently, I developed plantar fasciitis - a very uncomfortable heel pain - Finn Comfort shoes are the best for pain relief.

- Donna; Scottsdale

I am wearing my new shoes for the first time as I am writing this. They are amazing! I work in a hospital and am on my feet for four 12-hour shifts per week. My feet never ever hurt or feel fatigued. Thanks for continuing to provide such a superior product.

- Debra

This will be my second pair of Finn Comfort shoes. I JUST LOVE THEM!!! What a great product :)

- Debra

Until buying the first pair, I had never heard of Finn Comfort shoes. When shopping for a new pair of shoes, the sales lady asked if I had ever tried on a pair of Finn Comforts. When I did, I thought that I had died and gone to heaven! Never have I worn shoes that are so comfortable. For that reason, I bought a second pair to have as a spare.

- Gary; Russellville

These are the first pair of Finn Comfort shoes I've purchased, and they are truly wonderful!

- Nathan; San Diego

I bought a pair of Phuket sandals in July. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your shoes are. I have wide feet and almost no arch, so it is very hard for me to find shoes that fit well. When I first tried on the sandals I knew that they were perfect. I haven't taken them off since I bought them and I don't want to. They improved my posture, and took away the pain that I used to feel in my ankles. I am absolutely thrilled with my Phuket sandals and I thought you should know.

- Sarice; Apple Valley

The Finn Comfort Cusco style shoes have made walking much easier for me. I have very sensitive feet and thanks to the Finn Comfort shoes, I am now able to walk with very little pain.

- Carolyn